This year, the Estes Valley Sunrise Rotary Club has printed ONLY 350 Raffle tickets.           

That means you get a 1 in 350 chance to win $10,000!!

However, you have EVERY CHANCE to receive 2 complimentary food items and 2 complimentary beverages (alcohol included) from the Autumn Gold Kitchen and Beer & Wine Garden.

Proceeds from the $100 Raffle will go to scholarships for promising graduates from the Estes Park High School for college and vocational school, community grants for local non-profits and other Rotary Projects.

Each raffle ticket provides the buyer a complimentary "meal ticket" (see details below) and a chance to win either....

 Grand Prize: $10,000 

Second prize: $2,500

One of five $500 cash prizes.


To purchase your raffle ticket, you can contact any Sunrise Rotarian. 

Otherwise, you can do the following:

1. Email Leslie Glover at

2. Send a $100 check (for 1 raffle ticket) to the address she provides.

3. Once she receives your check, she will submit your ticket stub to the drawing drum and send the "meal ticket" portion of the raffle to your address.


The "meal ticket portion" provides:

           Two complimentary food items from the Autumn Gold Kitchen                   Two complimentary drinks from the Autumn Gold Beer/Wine Garden

You do NOT have to be present to win any of the above prizes.


Raffle Winners from 2021

$10,000 Grand Prize: Stacey Betts: Estes Park, CO

$2,500: Tristan Dowling: Gillette, WY

$100: Michelle Munch: Estes Park, CO

$100: Kristen Miller: Brighton, CO

$100: Natalie Davidson: Fort Pierce, Florida

$100: Venus Ruffolo: Loveland, CO

$100: Dr. Nicholaus Mize: Estes Park, CO


Gift Cards to local Estes Park Restaurants and shops:

Sarah Vollmer: Courtland, MN

John Webermeier: Estes Park, CO

Niki Gassmann: Estes Park, CO

Anna & Kelsey Crona: Estes Park, CO

Estes Valley Police Auxillary

Phil Frank: Estes Park, CO

Jen Lesea-Ames: Lafayette, CO

Karen Nicholson: Estes Park, CO

Bill Pinkham: Estes Park, CO

June Boon: Estes Park, CO

Lisa Payden: Estes Park, CO

Gerald P. Nunes: Westminster, CO

Shelby Livingston: Dayton, OH

Jesse King

Scott Webermeier: Estes Park, CO

Healing Waters: Estes Park, CO